The News Hub: Argentinean CSI tampered with evidence in Nisman case

By Loli Perez, 1 June 2015

Periodismo para todos (Journalist for everyone), the investigative journalism television program came back last night with a lot of proofs about the Nisman case, a high-profile prosecutor that was found dead in a pool of blood in his bathroom, days before he was due to release a report condemning the Argentine government.

With the hashtag #ElVideodeNisman (Nisman´s video) Lanata shows the world how the CSI violated protocol putting at risk and tempering the evidence as it goes.

The video shows, a lot of people without gloves or proper protection in the crime scene, some of them were CSI, and some people who were not suppost to be there.

The DI office spoke with the argentinean newspaper Clarin about that night and they said: “We work the best we could with what we have” and they insisted in point out that they made mistakes, but they worked “always thinking of seeking the truth”.

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