Moldes Appeals 2-1 Decision to Dismiss Nisman’s Complaint against Kirchner, Timerman

As La Nacion predicted, Argentine Prosecutor German Moldes appealed the decision by the Argentine Federal Court appeals chamber No.1 to dismiss the criminal complaint filed by Alberto Nisman. In Nisman’s complaint, he charged that President Cristina Kirchner, Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, and others within the Argentine Government protected Iranian officials by attempting to cover up Iran’s involvement in the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires.

According to AFP, Reuters and Diario Veloz, among others, Moldes appealed to bring the case before the Court of Criminal Cassation, which is the highest judicial instance before the Supreme Court of Argentina and which will be the third court to consider the case.

According to AFP, Moldes called the three-judge panel’s 2-1 decision to dismiss the complaint “notably hasty.”

According to Reuters, Moldes accused President Kirchner of being “involved in ‘a hidden plan that benefited another country while going against the objectives and interests of Argentina’” in his appeal.

According to Diario Veloz and La Nacion, if the case comes before the Court of Cassation in the first half of April, the prosecutor that will intervene will be Ricardo Weschler, who allegedly opposes the government. However, if the case comes in the second half of April, the prosecutor that will intervene will be Javier de Luca, who is allegedly sympathetic to the government.