La Nacion: The video of Diego Lagomarsino entering Alberto Nisman’s building was released

9 June 2015

Nearly five months after the death of Alberto Nisman, the video taken by the security cameras in the building of the prosecutor showing the entrance of Diego Lagomarsino, his computer consultant was released. It shows Lagomarsino was present at 17 and 20 on Saturday, January 17.

At the time, Juan Pablo Toro, director of the company in charge of the safety of the Le Parc tower, had reported that some security cameras had not been working for at least a year and there were no records on paper of the entrance of nonresidents.. The video shows that the cameras were working and the times that people entered the building can be seen, which is key in the investigation.

The company Seguridad Integral Empresaria stressed that Toro did not deny that there was a record of the entry of people, but that this is a digital system. On the other hand, he explained that there were some cameras that were not working and that the maintenance of these was handled by another company hired by the building management.

Diego Lagomarsino said on Saturday January 17 that Nisman had called him to ask if Lagomarsino could lend him the gun in his name; this gun was finally used to kill the prosecutor.

The video images released today by canal America show two meetings between the young man and the prosecutor: one at 17 hours, when Nisman would have asked for the gun, and another at 20, when Lagomarsino entered with a backpack and went up to 13th floor, where the victim lived.