La Nacion: Mauricio Macri ordered the declassification of all public documentation that has to do with Alberto Nisman

The president decreed the opening of the files of the AFI, the Foreign Ministry, the Armed Forces, the security forces and border control.

15 January 2016

Almost a year after the death of Alberto Nisman, President Mauricio Macri ordered the declassification of all the documents held at public agencies that have to do with the prosecutor of the AMIA case.

Through a decree published today in the Official Gazette, the Head of State called for “the declassification of all documents, files and / or information in any medium, held or registered at the Federal Intelligence Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Migration Office, the Armed Forces, the Security Forces and / or any other dependent agency regarding general prosecutor Natalio Alberto Nisman from September 2012 to the present.”

In addition, the agencies were instructed “within 30 days of the publication of the present decree, that they submit all documentation” to Judge Fabiana Palmaghini who is handling the investigation into the death of the prosecutor.

The decree came a day after the government relieved agents, former agents, officials, and former officials from Intelligence who had accessed knowledge of classified information relating to the death of prosecutor Nisman.

The measure was requested by the director of the AFI, Gustavo Arribas. The authority, during Kirchnerism, had already relieved of their agents the secrecy rule, but the difference now is that this measure is not specific in each case, but generally for all who have accessed information.

The Government is saying that it is doing this to “help with the clarification” of the case and with the goal “of expediting” the investigation. “It is considered appropriate and necessary to put forth the release of the obligation for secrecy” to those who can assist in the investigation, the resolution says.

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