La Nacion: Audio reveals that Timerman acknowledged that Iran was responsible for the AMIA bombing

19 December 2015

In two audio recordings broadcast by Radio Mitre last night, former foreign minister Héctor Timerman argues with the former directors of the AMIA about the agreement with Iran. In one part, the former minister acknowledges implicitly that Iran was responsible for the AMIA bombing in 1994.

The audio recordings are part of the book, “Nisman Must Die”, by journalist Daniel Santoro. In one of them, a dialogue is heard between Timerman and former AMIA head Guillermo Borger from 2012. In it, Timerman tries to convince Border about moving ahead with negotiations for the handing over of the Iranians accused of being responsible for the bombing.

“We are invalidating the image of Iran”, says Borger, encouraging him to seek another partner to negotiate with on the handing over of the accused to justice.

“Hopefully you could negotiation with someone else,” suggests the former AMIA chief, to which Timerman responds, implicitly blaming Iran: “If it was someone else, it would be the one that placed the bomb. So let’s go back to that, do you have someone else to negotiate with?”

In the second audio that was revealed, Timerman speaks with the then- Second Vice President of the AMIA, José Scaliter, and again insists on the Iran agreement:

“We think you don’t negotiate with Iran. Last year (2011) there was letter that they brought which then came to nothing because it was a delaying maneuver,” says Scaliter.

“Eighteen years ago they placed the bomb. You’re not telling me who to negotiate with, you’re telling me who not to negotiate with, who is living like you. Who do you want to negotiate with, then?” Timerman answers.

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