Infobae: Sandra Arroyo Salgado, on Nisman’s death: “There was a free zone and that is serious”

24 December 2015

The Judge from San Isidro and former wife of the head of the AMIA Unit, said that after the judicial official appeared dead with a gunshot to the head, “there was a smear campaign.” She added: “It was unthinkable that something like that would happen to us, I feel that I could not connect with the pain”

“By the death of Alberto Nisman were multiple denunciations, from the one about a free zone to the release of pictures from his private life. It was impossible to keep track of those investigations that were and were not collateral,” said the judge from San Isidro and former wife of Alberto Nisman, the head of the AMIA Unit that was found dead in Puerto Madero.

“A picture came out of Alberto and we don’t know how it was disseminated, posters were made and that day was terrible. I had to go downtown with one of my daughters and I suffered because I did not want to go past somewhere where the posters might be. I started the morning hoping in vain that Iara wouldn’t see the picture, and she saw it, because it was up in many places “, she added.

“It is serious that there was a free zone. I think this was planned with great sophistication, it was something very perverse,” she said during an interview with Alejandro Fantino on the TV program, Animales Sueltos.

“Nobody saw Alberto as either frightened or depressed. What happened to him is the most perverse thing that could happen to a human being,” said Arroyo Salgado.

Regarding Nisman aide, Diego Lagomarsino, she said “he is hiding some things and not telling the whole truth.”

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