Federal Judge demands copies of case file in the investigation of Nisman’s death

Perfil reports that federal judge Luis Rodriguez sent a formal request to Judge Fabiana Palmaghini on February 26 for a copy of her case file on the investigation of Alberto Nisman’s death. The request comes a day after Ricardo Saenz, District Attorney for the Buenos Aires Criminal Appeals Court, presented his opinion before the Sixth Division that the Nisman case be handed over to federal authorities and pursued as a homicide.

Judge Rodriguez is already investigating threats dating back from 2012 against Nisman and his family in relation to his role as AMIA prosecutor.

Nisman’s family, which filed an appeal to transfer the case to the federal courts, argues that Nisman was the victim of a homicide and that it was connected to his role as special prosecutor in the AMIA case.

The federal judge wrote a “scathing letter” to Judge Palmaghini in which he questioned why she had rejected the possibility of a connection between the threats Nisman received and the investigation into his death, and demanded that the complete case file of Nisman’s “violent death” be copied and sent to him “with the greatest possible haste.”

This is the first time a federal judge has asked for copies of the investigation.

Palmaghini has not yet responded to the federal judge’s request.