Clarin: The reporter who confirmed Nisman’s death on Twitter has left the country

By Gabriel Martínez Bracesco, 24 January 2015

The journalist who first reported information of the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman over Twitter left the country overnight “out of fear”. Damian Pachter, an editor of the newspaper Buenos Aires Herald, told Clarin that he’d “exiled himself.”

In an interview with Clarín in advance of its morning edition, Pachter said: “I am leaving because my life is in danger.” He explained that he will return to Argentina “when my sources tell me that conditions have changed. But I don’t think it will be during this administration. They sent a hint my way. I had to leave my work. I fell to pieces quietly, and left my car there. The car is still in the garage of my office.” The newsroom is located at Paseo Colón 1196.

“My phones are tapped and I had people waiting at my house,” said Pachter, who decided to go underground on Thursday evening. “I didn’t even have time to go home, I couldn’t grab any clothes, any money,” he said. And before leaving, he said: “It’s the job we do and I’m paying the price.”

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