Clarin: Israeli ambassador asks to speed up investigations into AMIA and Nisman

20 December 2015

Although she tried not to be disrespectful to the local authorities, the Israeli ambassador to Argentina, Dorit Shavit, said today that “we must speed up the investigation of the AMIA bombing and death of (Alberto) Nisman”. The diplomat agreed with the decision of the new government of Mauricio Macri not to appeal the Memorandum with Iran which was declared unconstitutional and expressed support for the alternative of “trial in absentia” being explored against the Iranians accused by Nisman of having planned and executed the 1994 terrorist attack against the AMIA.

“We hope with another initiative of Argentine justice to have the ability to try people in absentia. After so many years, optimism is difficult. Now we have to hope,” said Shavit when asked about the support that a week ago was given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the new government’s decision not to appeal over the Memorandum.

In an interview published today by the Jewish News Agency (AJN), Shavit was consulted over the removal of prosecutor Viviana Fein from the case of Nisman’s death and she argued that “this will lead to us really having results and solutions to our questions” because the investigation “has taken too long.” The case is now under the direction of Judge Fabiana Palmaghini.

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