Clarin: For ex-U.S. official, ‘Nisman was murdered by his enemies’

20 July 2015

Roger Noriega, former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs of the United States, referred to the controversial death of Alberto Nisman six months after the tragic night that the prosecutor appeared in a pool of blood in his apartment in Le Parc.

“I am convinced that he was killed by his enemies. He wanted the truth,” the former US official said in an interview with the “Correspondents Line” program, on La Once Diez.

Noriega described the work of the special prosecutor on the AMIA case as “very serious” and called for “the Argentine people to demand a degree of transparency on this,” referring to the death of the prosecutor.

“I believe that the situation of international terrorism requires paying attention to this case,” he reiterated.

He also said that the agreement on the nuclear issue between the Obama administration and the Islamic Republic of Iran “will have a degree of rejection when lawmakers have the opportunity to review the agreement.” He stated that “it will be very difficult for the president (Obama) to continue with such an arrogant manner” though insisted “go ahead with or without the agreement of the U.S. Congress.”

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