Clarin: A forensic expert from the U.S. believes Nisman was murdered

13 July 2015

“Based on my review and analysis of all the material on this case, including the knowledge I have of the circumstances surrounding this case, the life of Nisman, what was happening, what was going to happen … Considering this, and taking into account all the scientific and medical evidence, I think it is much more likely to have been a murder than a suicide.” That was the conclusion reached by the US expert, Cyril Wecht, after analyzing all the material on the cause of death for prosecutor Alberto Nisman at the request of Journalism for All.

As shown last night on Jorge Lanata’s program, the American pathologist said that from the forensic point of view, he would not be surprised if the justice system determines that Nisman did not commit suicide but was killed since “the evidence is there to say it was a murder “. However Wecht explained: “By my experience in political assassinations, I intervened in the case of John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, among others, I know how governments think and act.” A member of the College of American Pathologists and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, the forensics expert also played a role in resonant events like the death of Elvis Presley, and in the OJ Simpson case.

With over 50 years of experience in criminal investigation, Wecht explained the work he did for nearly two months analyzing the evidence in the Nisman case that ranged from the videos and photos from the operation in the prosecutor’s house when he was found dead and the autopsy, up to the official documents of the DNA expertise, the weapon, clothing and drug testing, among other things.

Wecht concluded that Nisman was standing at the time of his death, the blood in his left hand is explained only understanding that Nisman was moved and that the prosecutor was killed not on Sunday morning as they said in the Forensic Department and the Federal Police, but on Saturday night. And he agrees with what doctors Julio Ravioli and Osvaldo Raffo said, designated by the complainant Sandra Arroyo Salgado. The former wife of prosecutor Nisman acted on behalf of the daughters of both of them.

According to the American, the little digestion of the food in the stomach during the autopsy by Nisman shows that the prosecutor died shortly after eating.

He said that this type of “slurry” corresponded more to the characteristics of a dinner than breakfast.

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