Buenos Aires Herald: DAIA meets with Malcorra, praises actions on AMIA

7 January 2016

Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra met yesterday with leaders of the DAIA Jewish community, who put forward their proposal to try in abstentia those accused of the 1994 terrorist attack on the AMIA centre.

The leaders of the DAIA also expressed support for the measures taken by President Mauricio Macri regarding the AMIA case and expressed optimism that the relationship between the association and the government will change under the new administration.

The meeting was “constructive” and gives a “ray of hope of being able to push forward some issues that, for a variety of reasons, have stayed on the sidelines of Argentine society for some time,” DAIA President Ariel Cohen Sabban told the Jewish News Agency (AJN). The Jewish community leader was specifically referring to the need to clarify who was responsible for the terrorist attacks against the Israeli Embassy and the AMIA Jewish community centres.

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