BBC: Who killed Alberto Nisman?

28 May 2015

In January a high-profile prosecutor was found in a pool of blood in his bathroom, days before he was due to release a report condemning the Argentine government. Wyre Davies examines claims that he was murdered and that the investigation into his death was bungled.

Buenos Aires may be fading at the edges but it is still one of the world’s great capitals – witness to some of the most tragic and momentous events in Argentine history. It is a city where military generals have justified coups d’etats, where grandmothers have marched in defiance against tyranny and where populist icons have vainly tried to unite a divided nation. Even today, intrigue and political scandal are never too far below the surface.

At the start of this year, a critical period in which Argentina’s embattled President would be trying to steer the country and its battered economy through to elections in October, an event occurred that rocked the institutions of state to their very core.

At a luxury apartment complex in Buenos Aires’ modernised port area, a 51-year-old special prosecutor called Alberto Nisman was preparing to deliver a damning report. He was accusing the Argentine government of being involved in covering up the worst terror attack in the country’s history.

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